Ring Video Doorbell - 1080p HD

Enhanced Video Communication: Experience clear 1080p HD video with a doorbell that allows seamless communication—seeing, hearing, and speaking to anyone from your phone, tablet, or PC.

Advanced Features: Enjoy upgraded motion detection, privacy zones, audio privacy, and improved night vision compared to the original Ring Video Doorbell.

Instant Notifications: Receive mobile notifications when your doorbell is pressed or its motion sensors are triggered, providing real-time alerts.

Flexible Power Options: Choose between a built-in rechargeable battery or connecting to existing doorbell wires for continuous power.

Simple Setup and Connectivity: Easily set up your Ring Video Doorbell by connecting to Wi-Fi through the Ring app and mounting it using the provided tools, ensuring a straightforward installation process.



Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-in HD Camera

Versatile Communication: Use Stick Up Cam Plug-In to see, hear, and speak to people from your phone, tablet, or select Echo device, whether mounted indoors or outdoors.

Privacy Features: Benefit from customizable privacy zones and audio privacy, ensuring the camera focuses solely on relevant areas.

Live View Capability: Easily check in on your home at any time through the Ring app with the Live View feature.

Ring Protect Plan: Subscribe separately to the Ring Protect Plan for video recording, a 180-day review window, and convenient video and photo sharing.

Flexible Mounting Options: Choose between placing the camera on a flat surface or wall-mounting it using the versatile bracket; consider adding the Mount for Stick Up Cam (sold separately) for ceiling mounting.


Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In HD Camera Combo Pack

Flexible Communication: Utilize Stick Up Cam Plug-In for seamless communication, enabling you to see, hear, and speak with individuals through your phone, tablet, or select Echo device, whether indoors or outdoors.

Live View Feature: Access the Live View feature on the Ring app to check your home in real-time, providing instant visibility and control.

Ring Protect Plan Advantages: Enhance your security with the Ring Protect Plan (sold separately), allowing for video recording, a review window of up to 60 days, and easy sharing of videos and photos.

Comprehensive Home Monitoring: Connect one or multiple Stick Up Cams to all your Ring devices within the Ring app, ensuring comprehensive surveillance and control over your entire home.

Simple Setup: Effortlessly set up your Stick Up Cam Plug-In by plugging it into a standard outlet and connecting it to Wi-Fi, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free installation process.

$479.96 (Save 15%)

Ring Spotlight Cam Plus Combo Pack

Spotlight Cam Set: This product includes four Spotlight Cam Plus cameras with battery power, providing a flexible and comprehensive home security solution.

24/7 Monitoring: Ensure constant surveillance with wide-angle, 1080p HD video, equipped with Color Night Vision for day and night visibility. Use Live View for on-demand checks.

Motion-Activated Security: Deter intruders with 2 motion-activated LED spotlights and a built-in security siren, easily triggered with a few taps for immediate response.

Customizable Motion Zones: Tailor your security coverage by defining motion zones, receiving notifications only for specific areas of importance.

Convenient Power Management: Power your cameras effortlessly with the Quick Release Battery Pack, offering convenient maintenance for continuous device operation.

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